Monday, October 13, 2008

Arab Islamic fund to combat Aids launched

THE fist Arab Islamic fund to combat HIV/Aids was launched in Doha recently, according to reports published in the local Arabic press.
Representatives of as many as 14 charity bodies based in the GCC region, Arab countries and other parts of the world met in Doha on Thursday to announce the fund’s launch.
The consultative meeting was attended by the senior officials of the Qatar Red Crescent, the Qatar charity, Al-Islah charity of Bahrain, Al-Oun charity and International Islamic charity of Kuwait, Al-Muntada charity of Britain, Shariah society of Egypt, Al-Islah charity of Yemen, The International Youth Organisation and the International Islamic Development Bank of Saudi Arabia; and the Union of Arab doctors.
The meeting decided to locate the fund’s head office in London. A seven-member administrative body with representatives from Britain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Yemen would be constituted. The member-countries will elect one among themselves as the secretary-general of the fund.
The yearly budget for the fund is estimated to be £250,000.
It will operate as a voluntary body at a non-governmental level and will focus on the countries most affected by Aids.
The fund, however, will not bear the cost of medical treatment for patients suffering from Aids, nor will it participate in implementing schemes for prevention.