Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Calypte Obtains Purchase Order for HIV Tests From Middle Eastern Distributor

(Source: Datamonitor)trackingCalypte Biomedical, a US-based healthcare company, has received an order for 50,000 tests of its Aware HIV-1/2 OMT product from LifeLine Scientific, its newly appointed distributor for the United Arab Emirates and several other countries in the region.

The purchase is reported to be the first large order resulting from a newly implemented sales initiative. Calypte said that it will begin production as soon as the purchaser's irrevocable letter of credit is approved.

Donald Taylor, Calypte's president and CEO, said: "I am delighted to announce that our local office in Dubai has signed such a significant order. LifeLine Scientific is affiliated with a provider of healthcare in Abu Dhabi and has direct access to an expansive network of hospitals and pharmacies through which it plans to distribute Calypte's oral fluid HIV tests.

"This order is the first result of our new sales initiative and reflects the hard work and commitment shown by our people around the world. It also shows the growing market acceptance of our Aware HIV-1/2 OMT product. We are working hard in Africa, the Middle East, India and numerous other countries around the world to close more deals and build on the momentum we are gaining."